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Nokia's product naming has historically been based on the numerical system, with the new Nokia Android smartphones being named from 1 to 9, with Nokia 1 being the lowest end budget smartphone and Nokia 9 PureView being the highest end smartphone of the range. After the announcement of Google's Open Handset Alliance in November , Nokia said it "considered" joining the alliance, despite its majority stake in Symbian Ltd. As MeeGo and Android are based upon Linux , some speculated that this would be a roadmap in Nokia's eventual adoption of Android.

Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt confirmed that the company held extensive "confidential negotiations" with Nokia to encourage using Android. The acquisition was completed just two months later, and Microsoft discontinued the X series soon afterward. In an interview with Forbes , former HMD CEO Arto Nummela stated that the Nokia X family surprisingly became popular with users of high-end Samsung and Apple smartphone devices, despite the fact that it was a mid to low end device series.

After the sale, the Nokia Technologies division developed the N1 Android tablet featuring the Z Launcher interface, released in China in Later that year images of a N1-like phone with Android called the C1 was leaked. The Nokia 6 was announced in January , almost six years after declining Google and partnering with Microsoft.

Smart Feature OS is an operating system providing some smartphone capabilities in devices with a feature phone form factor. The design language of Nokia smartphones from HMD consists of typical Scandinavian design and aesthetics , [76] [77] and are considered to be reminiscent of the previous Lumia series. The Nokia 5 , 6, and 8 are made from a single block of series aluminium , [83] [84] while the 7 is crafted from series aluminum.

By , Nokia also started resurrecting its classic devices. This began in May when a new handset was introduced at the Mobile World Congress.

It sported an updated but similar design language to the original , which debuted in September After the success of this initiative, Nokia again rebooted one of its classic phones, the Nokia , which featured a 4G update, excellent battery life, and classic Nokia apps. A highlight of HMD's Nokia smartphones has been build quality and design. HMD have also been praised for its commitment of providing zero-day and monthly security patches, [14] as well as its choice to stick with stock Android without an additional user interface.

A common criticism in some of the Nokia smartphones have been the choices of entry-level chipsets. The Nokia 6's chipset put strain on software performance.

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HMD executive Juho Sarvikas said on 16 August that the company had shipped "millions of units of the 3, 5 and 6", with demand "far outstripping" supply. By Q2 , HMD captured 0. An IDC analyst called it a "great start". It was also the 3rd best-selling smartphone vendor in the UK, the first time for the Nokia brand since Rantala previously held several positions at Nokia from to such as leader of Nokia's European operations.


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Yle Uutiset in Finnish. Retrieved 18 May Retrieved 20 August Mobile World Live. What makes you think the world wants your phones? The Register. Retrieved 18 August Intellectual Asset Management. Settings for Go to. Camera Photos. Internet and connections Browse the web. Music and videos Music player. Video player. Radio Find and save radio stations.

Listen to radio. Clock, calendar, and calculator Set the time and date manually. Alarm clock. Bluetooth Activate Bluetooth. Copy and remove content Copy content. Share content. Remove private content from your phone.

Backup and restore Create a backup. Restore a backup. Settings Call settings. Phone settings. Cost settings. Security settings. Restore factory settings. Message settings. Product and safety information For your safety. Network services and costs. Emergency calls. Take care of your device. Crossed-out wheelie bin symbol. Battery and charger information. Small children. Employee Monitoring The biggest threats to businesses come from employees — either unknowingly or as an explicit insider threat.

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View Media. Access and download pictures and videos that were taken by the phone camera. Manage Internet Usage.